If you would like to learn about how to have your own gmail.com login, you are not alone. There are many people in this world that have logged in Google with the aims of getting a Gmail account. This is because Gmail has so many features in its email that is pretty simple and straightforward to understand and manipulate.

Please find in this article, the steps on how to do a Gmail log in.

(1) Choose a web browser. We suggest that you get Google Chrome, because Gmail is from Google. This ensures that you find all of the features where they are supposed to be.

(2) On the address bar of the web browser, type http://www.gmail.com.

gmail.com login

(3) Another way to go about starting the www.gmail.com login is to click the blue “Sign in” button you see at the upper right portion of the page, as you see on the picture below.

gmail login

(4) After you have clicked on the blue Gmail sign in button, you will see the webpage below. Plug in your Gmail email address and click on Next. You would then be brought to another page that would ask you for your password. Then click on “Sign In.”

(5) As soon as you are finished with these steps, you have accomplished a successful gmail.com sign in.

If you do not know so much about your own Gmail account, know that it provides: 15 gigabytes of storage; Gmail Labs for users to test beta Gmail features; a Tabbed inbox for a user to categorize emails; spam filters; Gmail mobile; social networking integration; Google Voice for Gmail chat; Gmail search; language input; and Google Wallet.